foto dna &values


Every organization has a core that dictates the direction of its development and functioning.
At IFGF, we call it our DNA which is the reflection of our core values.


Through his son Jesus Christ, God has made an everlasting covenant with his church. Therefore, we are compelled to be committed to one another – as partners together to forge authentic relationships that are ever expanding and prospering under the apostolic leadership.


Not only has God reconciled us back into right relationship with him, but he has also given us the amazing privilege to partner with him as he draws all people to himself. As Christ’s ambassadors we live to be a witness on earth by setting an example through our lifestyle. We are raising up a generation of believers, cultivating potentials, and improving the lives of all people through the power of the gospel.


We love because Christ first loved us. We express this love together by serving our community with love, grace and generosity – becoming a channel of blessing to one another.


Through the power of his grace and Holy Spirit, God has enabled us to be a progressive church that is relevant in ministry, engaged with society, and innovative in function. We invest in training apprentices to become next generation leaders for our church and community.


Over the years it has become our sincere conviction that in Christ we are victorious. Since the beginning of creation, God has empowered us to have dominion over the earth. He has given us the power to impact the lives of others and be an agent of hope and purpose.