No Apologies Facilitator Training 2014

The culture where we live in today is loaded with sexual images as well as inappropriate and sensual media messages, unlike in times past. Because of this, today’s youth is in great need of help in facing and discerning among the numerous mixed messages they get every day from around them.

Focus on the Family (FOF) is a program of World Harvest which serves to help people build their family lives, provide support to those with family problems, and encourage teenagers to rightly uphold moral values. Concerned with the many cases of pre-marital sex among young people, the FOF team took the initiative to train church leaders and coordinators through the No Apologies training session which took place on January 10 & 11 at the World Harvest Center.

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No Apologies is a character-based sex education program which teaches teenagers to abstain completely from pre-marital sex. The two days of training session were held in collaboration with the IFGF Youth Department under the leadership of Ps. Fendy Suprajogi and Ps. Avi Christian.

The total number of leaders trained this time was 47, of which 32 come from IFGF Semarang, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Medan, Sorong, Jabodetabek, and churches of the Salvation Army, Gospel Generation Ministry, GDPI Semarang, and BNKP Nias (an affiliated church of IFGF).

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 Joshua Liong and Peter Chang from No Apologies Malaysia came specially to speak during the training session. The session was divided into the following series of classes: Who am I, the Media and You, Boundaries and Choices, and Healthy Relationship.

The expectation of the training was that every trained participant would then be able to speak out on the truth about life, love, and sex to teenagers, so that those who receive the message may lead a life without regrets. Moreover, through this program, it is hoped that there will rise a new generation that can live wisely by abstaining from and refusing the pressure of engaging in pre-marital sex. The failure in teaching good character is a society’s moral failure. Let us work together to push forward this program’s agenda for the sake of our next generation.

For more information about FOF or No Apologies, please contact: Mrs. Sofie (Tel.: 021- 5420-2077or Email: ).

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