Celebration Home Coming in Harvest Festival 2014 “Together Glorious”

Harvest-Festival-2014-1The lobby of Balai Sarbini Jakarta was filled with smiles, handshakes, hugs and excitement as participants from 64 cities in Indonesia and 22 cities abroad arrived for the 2014 Harvest Festival “Together Glorious”.

Harvest Festival that was held on June 19th to 21st June 2014 gave a new freshness for the participants both pastors and church leaders, as international and national speakers shared the Word of God and their experience in walking with Him. This year, our speakers are: Ps. Jimmy Oentoro (World Harvest Founder & IFGF Chairman), Ps. Joey Bonifacio (Philippines), Ps. Sam Hartanto (IFGF Bandung), Ps. Daniel Hanafi (IFGF Los Angeles), Ps. Neil Smith (Planetshaker-Melbourne), Ps. Slavik Radchuk (Ukraine), Ps. Raymond Njotorahardjo (IFGF Surabaya), Ps. Charles Peh (IFGF Singapore) and Stacy Oentoro (IFGF Jakarta).

Harvest-Festival-2014-2There was no empty seat in the hall and all eyes gazed on the stage as the grand opening session started. The amazing performance from the drummer team brought relentless applause from the audience. The laser beam spotlight added to the sparkling and attractive moment as the Harvest Praise Music team led the praise and worship. Dynamic praises and heart touching worship songs set out the participants to listen to the first session of “Together Glorious” by Ps. Jimmy Oentoro. “The salvation is once and for all,” as affirmed by Ps. Jimmy in his sermon.

In the next session, Ps. Joey Bonifacio shared about “Becoming Good News People”. “You are valuable not because you are valuable, but because God who is the most valuable so valued you that He gave us Jesus, whom is the most valuable to Him,” said Joey. In his session, Joey taught about placing the right values in our life. Before the third session in the evening, participants were invited to praise and worship with gratitude and joy in the Glorious Worship Night. Neil Smith closed the first day with happy scare walk in God’s will that was part of the sermon “Your miracle is in the house”.


On the next morning, session four began with the appearance of Ps. Sam Hartanto with his moon-walk style walking on the stage. His sermon “Responding to Grace” taught us to respond rightly and manage the grace that God has given us. Furthermore, Ps. Raymond Njotorahardjo, Ps. Charles Peh and Stacy Oentoro shared about “God, Grace and the Good News”.

Harvest-Festival-2014-4It’s workshop time. All participants quickly rushed into the workshop class according to their selection. Excitement and curiosity from the participants were felt in each workshop. Ps. Neil Smith (Influential Leadership: Building a Super Team), Jessica Kristanto (Creating Super Sunday Experience), Ps. Wee Tiong Howe (Carrying out the mission in our business) and Ps. Raymond Njotorahardjo (Pastorpreneurship: Building God’s kingdom, Life Building, Building Legacy) filled the first workshop sessions. Ps. Joey Bonifacio (Building 9000 cellgroups), Joshua Artono (Creating Glorious Worship Experience), Ps. Joseph Tamba (Coaching for Increase) and Ps. Charles Peh (Upgrading Cell Semon) closed the second series of the workshop sessions. In the evening, the session started with a musical drama “Scandalous” by IFGF Youth Jakarta team that was both entertaining and heart touching. Ps. Danny Hanafi closed the day with “Scandalous Grace”.


Harvest-Festival-2014-6On the third and last day, Ps. Joey Bonifacio in his youthful spirit shared on “Wikichurch”, about the governance of Jesus Christ in this world. In the next session, Slavick Radchuk invited all young people to be firm and zealous to serve the Lord in his sermon “Are you ready to pay the price of Good News? One of the DNA in IFGF is Compassion, and the Harvest Community Development took this chance to encourage all participants to take part in bringing hope and changing the lives of people around us. Ps. Jimmy closed the Harvest Festival with Holy Communion and invited everyone to get ready for next year, IFGF Conference 2015 “Together Stronger”

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