East Java Regional Council Meeting in Surabaya

youth camp gpskWarm and joyful. This was the meeting atmosphere of 31 pastors, coordinators and leaders who came from IFGF churches in Surabaya, Malang, Ponorogo, Mojokerto, and Kediri.
This East Java Regional Council meeting took place on July 18 to 19 in Surabaya, with Ps. Raymond Njotorahardjo, Ps. Lina Waharti, Ps. Fendy Suprajogi, Mr. Hadi Wijaya and Mr. Henry Nugroho as speakers. They delivered the following topics: IFGF DNA & Values​​, The Church I See, Together Glorious, Church Finance, Church Management, Making iCare Work, and Leadership. All participants are not only equipped but also refreshed as well in this gathering.


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