Flood relief in Indonesia

flood-relief-1Flooding is still haunting some cities in Indonesia in early 2014, a number of regions such as Jabodetabek,Semarang and Manado was not missed. Great material and non-material losses are experienced by the community in this time.

Stagnation of water muffle Jabodetabek so far resulted in 12 people killed and more than 62 819 people had to stay in evacuation tents (Kompas, January 23, 2014). Seeing the situation worsen, World Harvest and IFGF Jakarta extend Donation of 610 packets (snacks and toiletries), 30 boxes of instant noodles, rice 200 kg, 2 dozen blankets, 3 boxes of clothes and 1050 of packed rice box. This donation is given to community in Cengkareng, Kapuk ,Kampung Sawah, Cilincing, Cengkareng Timur, Kapuk Pedongkelan,Cawang, Kampung Melayu (Tangerang), Tigaraksa, Ciledug, Muara Baru  and Bekasi .

Flood-relief-2Distressing condition caused also in Manado. Due to bad weather in Indonesia and the Philippines, resulting in a devastating flash flood. Around 19 people have to close your eyes and 25 295 souls have to homeless (Tribunnews, January 22, 2014). Conditions of helter Manado prompted IFGF Manado moved to help the victims of flash floods by providing donation in the form of dry food, meal package and help clean up the remains flooding of the victims in the home .

Let us all as big IFGF family jointly support the mobility of humanity as one form of IFGF DNA, Compassion. Together Glorious .

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