PESTA in Manado


On March 15th-17th, 2016, PESTA (Strategic Training) was held in IFGF Manado and attended by 136 participants consisting of Pastor and Leader of Indonesia East 1 and Indonesia East 2. Ps. Jimmy Oentoro, Ps. Daniel Runtuwene, Ps. Evan Tjandra, and Ps. Joshua Artono from Jakarta attend this event as the main speaker.


The event opened with worship and birthday celebrations of Ps. Martha Yuwono, as Vice President of Region 7. Continued with sessions, talk show, and masterclass. The materials that were discussed which is: Together Impactful 2016, Impactful through personal and family life, Impactful Super Sunday, Discipleship Journey and New Product of IFGF, Pastoral and Leadership, Icare, Super Sunday Service, and praise and worship.


Then, the PESTA closed with “Worship Night” which was attended by about 500 people and led by Ps. Joshua, and Ps. Jimmy as a speaker. Thus, the PESTA ended, let us support in prayer for each ministry God is doing for the whole IFGF in Intim 1 & 2. Together Impactful!

This PESTA is truly blessed and bring enthusiasm to the participants:

“The speaker is remarkable, provide contextual teaching, biblical, and powerful. Through this PESTA, I highly equipped and blessed to be more active in serving”. Ps. Harni Manuel – IFGF Kendari.

“I am getting a new extraordinary teaching and adds enthusiasm to grow up more and can apply it in IFGF Palu”. Victor Larioh – IFGF Palu.

“This Regional Council PESTA is very positive. Grateful and feel lucky to have the teaching from the speakers”. Ps. Hendra Tawas – Head of Intim 1 Regional Council .

“Super Sunday Service Material that given was very incredible, where we are taught that service on Sunday is not just about the facilities and sophisticated technology, but about attitude when preparing and executing”. Ps. Abraham Yuwono – IFGF Manado.

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