PESTA Strategic Training at KALIMANTAN

foto5The island is the third largest island in the world and located in Indonesia. This is the Borneo island, where natural resources are so abundant, and it has become home of 3 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. In addition to vast forests and rivers, the indigenous Dayak tribe, which is known with its “cannibalism” in ancient times, is also a special attraction of this island. However, over the time most of the Dayak people have known the truth now. Borneo island is divided into several major cities, one of which is Balikpapan.

Balikpapan is located in the Eastern part of Borneo, with a population of 684,339 people representing 22% of the total population of East Kalimantan. The city is a point of transit route to Samarinda, Banjarmasin and Mahakam river. Balikpapan is also regarded as one of the richest cities in Indonesia, ranking 12th according to Warta Ekonomi research (, which has become a pride to its people. The reason is that this city is surrounded by a large oil refinery complex so the residents enjoy a high standard of living. And together with the Bogor city, Balikpapan is proposed to be a model city of Indonesia. In addition,  Kompas Daily (August 12th edition) posted that Balikpapan is the most comfortable and livable city in Indonesia according to a survey of Indonesian Most Livable City Index reported by the Indonesian Association of Planners (IAP), that the city has an average value above nationwide.

This time, the PESTA (Strategic Training) was held at Villa Beta, Balikpapan on August 14th to 16th, which was attended by 33 participants, including IFGF pastors in Balikpapan, Samarinda, Banjarmasin and Palangkaraya. The PESTA is led by Ps Erna Iskandar and Kalimantan RC team, Ps. Garry Kurniawan and Mr. Roni Petrus.

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The excitement and enthusiasm from the participants were extraordinary, as evidenced by the arrival of colleagues from IFGF Palangkaraya who travel overland for approximately 15 hours. The session is opened with the Ice Breaker led by Mr. Leo Bolang of IFGF Balikpapan. Through this PESTA, the participants learned about the Church I See, World Café, Organizational structure, Developing Leaders Around You, Team Work, Conflict Management, Budgeting etc. And also, IFGF DNA and Values was presented by Ps. Jimmy through video.

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In addition to the training, the participants were motivated by the testimony of Mr. Ricky Roesli, IFGF Vice General Treasurer,  who shared about how IFGF Care reached out to him in his early conversion. During the PESTA, Ps. Daniel (Balikpapan), Mr. Berry (Palangkaraya), Mr.  Muhartono (Banjarmasin) and Ps. Gideon (Samarinda) also gave a presentation of the development of each local church in the region. PESTA Kalimantan was closed with Holy Communion and prayer for one another. Truly we are a family in IFGF! Let us together continue to pray and support the ministry of IFGF in Kalimantan. Together Glorious!

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