Vision Casting & Revival Service in IFGF Sabah-Sarawak

On 23-25 January 2014, IFGF Sabah held a Vision Casting and revival crusade in Inanam, Kinabalu-Malaysia. Seminars and this revival crusade were attended by around 150 people consisting of pastors, church leaders and congregation of IFGF Sabah-Sarawak. Together Glorious was the main theme of this seminar. The Pastors gather together, and share with one another about God’s heart. The participants also warmly welcomed Ps. Joseph Tamba, Vice President of ASEAN region, who also was one of the speakers. He was accompanied by Mr. Hartono from IFGF Singapore.

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Ps. Joseph¬†Tamba shared about Together Glorious, ” In every season we are going through, God is taking us from glory to glory. God has a plan for every season we undertake, because nothing is a coincidence in our lives. There is always an opportunity in every problem because God is helping us.”

Meanwhile, Ps. Siten Daud from IFGF Sabah-Sarawak conveyed about “Church Growth”. This sermon was driven by the longing of Pastors, leaders and congregation to see development in IFGF Sabah. Ps Siten encouraged the congregation to continue to study theology, so that their ministry is not only based on personal experience, but also equipped with theological knowledge.

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The next sermon was delivered by Ps. Raymond Dawat. He spoke about “Unity.” Without unity, IFGF ministry in Sabah-Sarawak will not go anywhere. On the other hand, Ps. Padan Yuak talked about “Giving”. He urged the congregation to improve their giving lifestyle. Ps. Nicodemus Yasut talked about “Prayer”. He said that a healthy and growing church is a praying church, and a church which ignores praying is a dead church.

All participants were very blessed in this Vision Casting seminar. Their hearts were empowered and strengthened to faithfully looking forward to the promises of God in their personal lives. And to fully believe in God’s provision, even when they have to face many struggles. (Ps. Rositah binti Ipin – IFGF Sabah Sarawak)

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