Seeing Jesus in every book of the Bible

Marilyn-Hickey-1Not a few Christians think that the story of Jesus in the beginning of New Testament. In other words, there is no story of Jesus in the Old Testament. This understanding was very high risk that lead to errors in interpreting the Word of God. The impact that we found was many thought and teaching according to each person’s version, instead of referring to the true theology. It is a threat for Christians to maintain authenticity of God’s Word.

“Seeing Jesus in every book of the Bible” is a book or a map that reveals the story of the existence of Jesus in every book (OT- NT). “Seeing Jesus in every book of the Bible” can be a resources of getting to know and learn as if the true teachings of Jesus.

Dr.Marilyn Hickey is the author of the book “Seeing Jesus in every book of the Bible.” She completed the book in 30 years. Dr. Marilyn Hickey and her husband Pastor Wallace Hickey (deceased) was the founder of the Full Gospel Church, now known as Orchard Road Christian Center. At the age of 82, she should have been stopped from her work but it’s not diminish her spirit to spread the Gospel to many countries.

Marilyn-Hickey-2Dr.. Marilyn Hickey shared teaching about seeing Jesus in each book, the seminar was held on Friday, 24 January 2014, at  Dome of the Harvest – Karawaci, Tangerang. The seminar was attended by a team of Pastoral IFGF Jakarta, World Harvest Staff, IFGF staff and HITS ‘s students.

Session of “Seeing Jesus in every book of the Bible” in this seminar is quite interesting, because Dr. Marilyn Hickey explains not only in theory but is accompanied by as a practical course, which is when they explain the existence of Jesus is expressed in the form of symbols, emblems or images. so that listeners easier to understand of each story plot. The book “Seeing Jesus in every book of the Bible” will drive  the Christians for “Genuine introduction of Jesus” to expand His glorious kingdom, which is impossible without the experience of faith according to true doctrine of God’s Word.

The seminar was concluded by Dr. Marilyn Hickey with the quote “Jesus in us is the hope in the world and be glorious.”


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